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Home 3ShopCat life stageAdultWhiskas Adult (1+ Years) Wet Cat Food, Chicken in Gravy, 12 x 85 g Pouches



Protein goodness for my cat

Discover the many benefits of Whiskas Gravy

Complete and balanced nutrition

Urinary tract health

Healthy eyesight for cat

Easy to eat and digest

From an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals

From high moisture content

From Vitamin A and Taurine

High quality Protein and other Ingredients

What not to feed my cat
Iron, calcium and protein for my cat
Why can’t I Feed her what I Eat or Cook?

-Cats require unusually high levels of protein and unique nutrients like taurine in their diets.

-Being obligate carnivores, cats depend on meat for the majority of their nutrients.

-Home-prepared diets frequently provide inadequate nutrition for cats.

You Must Know:

What Not to Feed?

– Baby food/Too Much Milk causes loose/watery faeces

– Raw Eggs causes hair fall & poor hair coat

– Onion and Garlic damages RBC & cause anemia

– Fish/Chicken Bones can damage the teeth and cause tears in digestive system

– Chocolate affects the heart and nervous system

– Uncooked meat/ human food can be inadequate or even unsafe for her

Storage of cat food

Storage Information:

– When you buy Whiskas cat food, make sure it is in properly sealed condition.

– Once opened and served, the rest of the pack can be refrigerated and must be consumed by the cat within 24 hours.

– While serving again, take it out of the refrigerator and bring it to room temperature before serving it to your cat. Do not serve cold food to your cat.

Size and pouches per day


Protein, fat and moisture in cat food


Ingredients in cat food


Storage of cat food


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