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Daily Wipes – Convenient and Versatile Cleaning Solution

Introducing our Daily Wipes, a must-have cleaning solution for your everyday needs. With a pack of 80pcs, each measuring 18x20cm, these wipes are designed to provide convenience and versatility in your cleaning routine.

Efficient Cleaning

Our Daily Wipes are made from high-quality materials that are durable and absorbent, ensuring effective cleaning every time. Whether you need to wipe down surfaces, remove dust, or tackle spills, these wipes are up to the task.

The generous size of each wipe allows for thorough cleaning, covering a larger area with each swipe. Say goodbye to multiple wipes and hello to efficient cleaning with our Daily Wipes.

Multi-Purpose Use

Our Daily Wipes are suitable for a wide range of applications. From household cleaning to office maintenance, these wipes are versatile enough to handle any task. Use them to clean kitchen countertops, bathroom fixtures, windows, and more.

These wipes are also perfect for on-the-go use. Keep a pack in your car, purse, or backpack for quick clean-ups while traveling or during outdoor activities. With our Daily Wipes, cleanliness is always within reach.

Convenient Packaging

The pack of 80pcs is designed for long-lasting use, ensuring that you always have a wipe available when you need it. The compact size of the pack makes it easy to store in any cabinet or drawer, keeping your cleaning supplies organized and accessible.

With our Daily Wipes, cleaning becomes a breeze. Experience the convenience and versatility of these wipes and make them a staple in your cleaning routine.


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