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Home 3ShopSupplements & vitaminsSKY EC bird plus multi-vitamin drops 30ml



  • The preferred methodology of Bird Plus and is to feature the focused liquid supplement to the bird’s daily beverage (whenever attainable, use a healthful bottle rather than associate degree open water dish, which might be simply contaminated with debris
  • However, birds fed high-moisture foods like recent fruits and vegetables could consume a stripped-down quantity of their beverage, during which case the vitamins could also be applied on to their food.
  • Adding to seed, stir the one or two drops and blend, then layer the fortified seed on high of the bird’s feed dish. Check to take care that the vitaminized seed has been consumed among twenty four hours. If the bird refuses to eat the fortified seed, feed the same old plain seed diet for 3 days and take a look at once more.
  • For Food: every which way scatter one three|to three} drops of BirdPlus directly onto the surface of the food each 1- 3 days.


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