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Formulated for All Breed

A complete and balanced food ensures all the health benefits for the cats. It is specially formulated for all the breed which is highly palatable and loaded with goodness that any breed of feline will love.

Cat an Obligatory Carnivore

Cats are hunters and obligate carnivores because of their inherited needs. Their digestive system, teeth and jaws are specifically adapted to eat meat. Fish consists of quality source protein, which is necessary in the cat’s diet to prevent from any kind of damage in the body. This delicious food is formulated with the same balance of nutrients providing all the health benefits to your cat.

Enriched with Taurine and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid

Taurine is an essential amino acid that cats cannot produce by themselves. It improves the eye vision and maintain the healthy heart. Purepet Mackerel Adult Cat Fish Food is enriched with ocean fish which is the natural source for taurine. Arachidonic acid is an essential omega- fatty acid which support healthy kidney function, reproduction and maintain the lustrous skin and coat. Both Omega-and fatty acids also helps in reducing inflammation in the skin and promote the joint health.

High Quality Ingredients

The high quality ingredients satisfy the nutritional needs of your cat. Each ingredient undergoes a strict selection process to maintain the safety and quality standards of the food.

Storage Information

Please make sure while receiving the packet, it is not tampered or damaged. Store it in an air-tight container in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. Avoid basements, condensation & temperature changes as it encourages mould growth, vermin & bugs. Washing the container and drying it properly before use is also required to keep the food fresh for long time.

Feeding Recommendation

Based on your cat’s weight, the following chart will tell you how much Purepet Mackerel Adult cat food is enough for your cat. The chart is an indicative guide, and you should increase or decrease the amount depending on the activity level and body condition of your cat. It is recommended to consult your vet for more suggestion.

Transition to Purepet Tuna and Salmon Adult Cat Food

From the given chart you can start introducing our food by 10% on the 1st day proportionately with the current food. Gradually you need to increase the amount so that by a week you can give complete 100% our food to your pet.


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